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Video Interview: Langdon Park Capital CEO Malcolm Johnson

ByMatthew GatesMar 2, 20221 min read

https://youtu.be/swKTTY8ynAg From professional football to investment banking, Malcolm Johnson has reached the pinnacle in not one, but two highly competitive fields. While others might be tempted to become satisfied, the key to…

California Ramps Up Unemployment Insurance in Reaction to COVID Crisis

With state and local governments issuing “stay-at-home” orders to slow the spread of COVID-19, “non-essential” businesses across the nation have been forced to close their doors and lay-off workers in…

New Bill Boosts Sick Leave for Working Parents Amid School Closures

ByIn The Building LA – Staff WriterMar 31, 20202 min read

As the Coronavirus disrupts nearly every aspect of life, one of the largest challenges facing working families has been school closures. For those fortunate enough to work from home, this…

The Marketing Triangle

ByIn The Building LA – Staff WriterJan 29, 20202 min read

Every real estate professional at some point in their career must face the cold hard facts about ineffective marketing.  Marketing is an essential part of running any successful business and…

4 Common Down Payment Myths

ByIn The Building LA – Staff WriterJan 29, 20201 min read

Being able to make a down payment is one of the keys to becoming a homeowner. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions out there that keep a lot of would-be buyers…

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