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The Marketing Triangle

ByIn The Building LA – Staff WriterJan 29, 20202 min read

Every real estate professional at some point in their career must face the cold hard facts about ineffective marketing.  Marketing is an essential part of running any successful business and real estate is no exception. Without good marketing you will…

4 Common Down Payment Myths

ByIn The Building LA – Staff WriterJan 29, 20201 min read

Being able to make a down payment is one of the keys to becoming a homeowner. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions out there that keep a lot of would-be buyers from realizing that they are capable of making a purchase. …

Why You Should Still Refi While Rates Are Low

At the end of October 2019, the Federal Reserve – the organization responsible for setting mortgage interest rates – decided to cut rates for the third time this year, resulting in some of the lowest interest rates we’ve seen in…

Pros and Cons of Real Estate Investing

ByIn The Building LA – Staff WriterJul 30, 20191 min read

Written by Jenny Harrison for Realty Times Considering today’s volatile markets and unpredictable political environment, many people are looking for other ways to invest their money besides traditional stocks, bonds, and 401(k)s. Real estate investing has jumped to the forefront as a…

Comparing Rentals in Different Markets and the Risks of Low Rent/High Cap Investments

ByIn The Building LA – Staff WriterJul 30, 20191 min read

Written by Edward Brown for Realty Times Many investors, primarily those in California, have looked into purchasing rental property in states they would have previously not pondered but for the low CAP rates in California compared to Mid-West and Southern…