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LISC LA Announces New Funding To Help Local Small Businesses Grow and Acquire Real Estate

Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), a national non-profit organization renowned for its community development efforts across the country, has launched the second round of funding for its Asset Building for Communities of Color (ABC) Program.

Created with the vision of constructing a broad, inclusively designed economic ecosystem, the ABC program aims to ignite pathways for the city’s diverse small business owners by providing the capital necessary to scale their businesses, create jobs and drive wealth creation within their communities.

One of 38 offices across the nation, LISC LA is now inviting eligible Los Angeles County small businesses to apply for this unique funding opportunity. The program is segmented into three categories, each tailored to the unique needs of small businesses:

  1. Growth Capital for Small Businesses: Designed to provide the financial leverage needed for small businesses to expand operations and enhance their impact.
  2. Acquisition Capital for Small Businesses & Non-Profits: Aims at assisting small businesses and non-profits in acquiring the necessary capital for investments in infrastructure, commercial real estate, and other relevant resources.
  3. Micro-loan for Small Businesses: Provides microfinance options to support emerging businesses that require smaller capital injections to kickstart or sustain their operations.

Businesses interested in the program are encouraged to review the provided fact sheets and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document to gain a deeper understanding of the offerings and eligibility criteria.

If you feel that your business or another one that you know of may benefit from these programs, LISC LA invites you to complete the following intake form. This move could mark the first step towards harnessing the power of the ABC program to turbocharge your business growth and contribute to community development.