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In any society, the key to unlocking the potential of the people is a comprehensive and strategic vision for unlocking the potential of the land. Affordable housing, quality local retail, and access to improved public spaces are undeniably linked to traditional quality of life measurements, such as health care, education, and economic independence. In order for long-time residents to receive the greatest benefit from the record levels of money currently pouring into South L.A., it is critical that an informed community wields proper influence over any potential changes to the community. Community members must possess the tools to differentiate between the transformative projects that add real value and those which are simply not in the community’s long-term best interest. Inthebuildingla.com is committed to providing unbiased news, professional opinions, as well as, market analysis tailored to the highest and best use of land in South Los Angeles. It is our aim to ensure that the projects and policies being considered prioritize the community’s needs, preserve the rich culture and history of South LA, while preparing for the future.

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