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Pros and Cons of Real Estate Investing

Written by Jenny Harrison for Realty Times Considering today’s volatile markets and unpredictable political environment, many people are looking for other ways to invest their money besides traditional stocks, bonds, and 401(k)s. Real estate investing has jumped to the forefront as a way to not just save for the future but also generate cash flow and grow…
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Comparing Rentals in Different Markets and the Risks of Low Rent/High Cap Investments

Written by Edward Brown for Realty Times Many investors, primarily those in California, have looked into purchasing rental property in states they would have previously not pondered but for the low CAP rates in California compared to Mid-West and Southern states. There is so much money in California looking for an investment home that prices…
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Buying a Rental Property? Here’s What You Can Expect

Written by David Reed, Realty Times If you run across someone who owns multiple rental properties, it’s very possible that individual never intended to own so many. In addition, those who own a rental property might also be “accidental” landlords after having inherited a property or renting out their current home while buying another. Real…
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