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How To Get Free Money Or Make Easy Money For Your Down Payment

ByIn The Building LA – Staff WriterNov 28, 20181 min read

Written by Jaymi Naciri, Realty Times Want to buy a house but short on cash to get the deal done? It’s a common problem that is keeping countless potential buyers on the sidelines. “Money issues often stand in the way…

Buying a Rental Property? Here’s What You Can Expect

ByIn The Building LA – Staff WriterOct 22, 20181 min read

Written by David Reed, Realty Times If you run across someone who owns multiple rental properties, it’s very possible that individual never intended to own so many. In addition, those who own a rental property might also be “accidental” landlords…

First Time Home Buyer

ByIn The Building LA – Staff WriterMay 18, 20182 min read

Trying to purchase a home for the first time? Not sure where to start? The Los Angeles Housing and Community Investment Department offers prospective home buyers a path towards home ownership, through several mortgage loan and down payment assistance programs…

Convert Your Garage Into Extra Cash With An ADU

ByIn The Building LA – Staff WriterMay 18, 20183 min read

In an effort to address California’s severe housing shortages, lawmakers passed two bills in October 2017, designed to encourage the creation of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU’s), commonly referred to as “granny flats”. The new laws, which went into effect January…