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New Beginnings: VSEDC Opens BusinessSource Center In Watts

This August, the sun-soaked streets of Watts are shining brighter as the community welcomes the highly-anticipated Watts BusinessSource Center (Watts BSC). The Center emerges as a beacon for entrepreneurial dreams, symbolizing a collaborative push towards local economic prosperity. Located at the heart of the Children’s Institute on 10200 Success Avenue, the Watts BSC is a testament to what’s possible when the public and private sectors come together.

At its core, the Watts BSC aims to strengthen the business acumen of underserved entrepreneurs, positioning them at the forefront of economic advancement. It’s a nurturing ground for local enterprises to flourish and transform. Under the joint vision of VSEDC and the City of Los Angeles Economic and Workforce Development Department (EWDD), the Center promises various essential services—from financial planning and permit assistance to facilitating access to funding and networking.

VSEDC President & CEO Quentin Strode encapsulated this ambition: “The Watts BSC allows local entrepreneurs and small business owners to nurture their potential. Its offerings drive the mission to cultivate a self-sustaining ecosystem that provides a foundation for business growth and job creation, uplifting Watts and the surrounding neighborhoods. This new business hub provides the necessary tools, insights, and network to realize it.”

Launching the Watts BSC also resonated with the City of Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass. “Small businesses and entrepreneurs should be able to thrive in all neighborhoods of Los Angeles. With the opening of the Watts BusinessSource Center, we are working to make sure that minority-owned small businesses have access to tailored technical support and expertise to help their businesses succeed. We can and we will continue to do more to help minority business owners and entrepreneurs create, grow and develop businesses in Los Angeles.”

Amidst the ceremonial ribbon-cutting and the enchanting tunes from 93.5 KDAY, guests savored delicacies from local favorites like South LA Café and Watts Burger, a feature of the Small Business Showcase & Networking segment spotlighting dynamic businesses such as Black Money Matters and Ji’re Fashions. Through these showcases, the event celebrates the opening of the Center and the enterprises it seeks to support.

The partnership with the Children’s Institute is incredibly commendable. This union ensures that the Watts BSC can extend its services to a broader audience without escalating operational costs. This initiative shows how holistic community growth can be achieved when the public and private sectors unite with a shared goal.

VSEDC, having supported small businesses with technical and entrepreneurial guidance for over 40 years, brings a wealth of experience to the table. With the inauguration of the Watts BSC, VSEDC expands its mission, pushing more communities towards self-reliance and prosperity.